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26 Dec 2018

Holiday Clearance Sale

Santa is gone and our annual Holiday Clearance Sale is on! Save 50% on all Holiday décor. This is your chance to stock up on ornaments, garland, nativity sets, wreaths, sprays and holiday keepsakes for next year. Our sale continues through January 5th.

10 Dec 2018

The Gift Shop at MD

The countdown to Christmas is on. Our gift shop and greenhouse have gone through their seasonal transformation and we are ready for the holidays. Each year our retail display team puts together truly inspiring and dramatic displays to feast your eyes upon. Stop in and browse through our huge selection of holiday décor. You’ll find:
• Fresh wreaths and garland
• Christmas trees (live & fresh cut)
• Fragrant evergreen boughs
• Ornaments
• Christmas cards
• Poinsettias and seasonal Christmas plants
• Amaryllis and paperwhites

The gift shop at MD offers a unique, welcoming and sensory shopping experience. We have a huge variety of gifts for kids, teachers, co-workers, moms, dads, gardeners or just about anyone on your list. We invite you to get out and shop with us locally. Our friendly staff is here to help with gift suggestions and guidance. As always, we offer complimentary gift wrapping!

12 Nov 2018

Christmas Tree Care 101

The beloved Christmas tree is the mark of the season in many of our homes. To help your tree stay fresh, follow these steps:

Fresh Cut Trees:
• Cut a quarter to a half inch off the bottom of the trunk before placing it in its stand. This is vital to a tree’s ability to uptake water. We do this for you when you purchase your tree here.
• Choose a tree stand with at least a quart holding capacity for water. Fill with water and check daily. Cut trees can drink up to a gallon a day! Continue to add water as needed while your tree is indoors.
• Keep your tree away from any heat sources like fireplaces, appliances or heating vents.

Live Potted Christmas Trees:
Live Christmas trees need extra consideration for holiday decorating and care.
It is important to keep live trees in their dormant state for successful survival beyond the holidays. Gradually acclimate your live tree to room temperature by keeping it in a cool garage for a few days before bringing it indoors. Water your tree and allow it to drain before moving it indoors. Keep your tree indoors for no more than one week or it will break dormancy. Avoid placing your live tree by any heat source and use LED or mini lights that give off little heat. Before returning a live Christmas tree outside, water it thoroughly and move it somewhere cool like a garage before exposing it to winter temperatures. Keep your live tree for the remainder of the winter outdoors where it will have good snow coverage and some shade. This will offer it protection from the elements. Avoid placing your potted tree in a sunny spot or wind exposed area as this will dry out the needles. Once the ground is thawed in the spring, your live Christmas tree can be planted and enjoyed for years to come.
live trees are not guaranteed

07 Nov 2018

Holiday Open House Saturday November 10th

25% off Holiday Décor One Day Only!
Our annual holiday open house is not to be missed. Come and be inspired by our latest festive displays, décor and abundant ornaments. Save 25% on holiday décor for one day only. Spin the wheel to win prizes throughout the day. The first 25 customers of the day receive a free gift (with purchase).

01 Nov 2018

Indoor Bulbs for Beginners:

Pretty and fragrant blooms indoors are a special treat during the darkest months of the year. Both amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs are attractive and easy to grow. These bulbs are acclimated to warmer climates and do not need a period of cold in order to bloom. Room temperature is perfect.


These are the easiest indoor bulbs to grow and the fastest to bloom. From planting to flowering, they take about 4 to 6 weeks. To begin, choose a container that’s at least 6 inches tall. Paperwhites can grow quite tall and a deeper container will provide a more stable base for the blooming bulbs. Containers don’t have to have holes so you can be creative. Mason Jars, vases, decorative boxes, baskets, cookie tins and traditional pottery pieces will work. Fill the container about two thirds of the way with either gravel or potting soil. Place bulbs pointy side up and cover with more gravel/ potting soil until just the tips are showing. Leave about one inch of space between the soil (or gravel) surface and the rim of your container for easier watering. Water the bulbs. If you are using potting soil, you may need to more after watering where the soil may have settled. At this point, a layer of decorative moss or rock over top will give it a nice, finished look. Place in a bright, cool spot indoors and wait. Low light or excessive heat from fireplaces or vents will make your paperwhites spindly and floppy. Water periodically to keep the base of the bulb wet. As the foliage starts to emerge, rotate the planter every few days to keep the stems straight. Blooms will last longer in cooler room temperatures away from direct sunlight. Plant paperwhites mid-November for Christmas blooms.


Amaryllis are known for their huge, spectacular blooms. Blooms appear in about 6- 8 weeks. Planting is similar to paperwhites. Choose a sturdy container that is about an inch in diameter bigger than the amaryllis bulb. A heavier ceramic pot is best to support the heafty flower stalk. Fill about two thirds of the way with potting soil, then set in the bulb, pointy side up. Top off with potting soil so the top quarter of the bulb is exposed. Ideally, the soil level should be about one inch below the rim of the pot to allow for proper watering. Cover the soil with decorative moss or rock if desired. Keep the potting soil moist, but not sodden and place in a cool, bright spot. As the stalk and leaves grow, rotate the pot to encourage a straighter stalk. Start amaryllis at the beginning of November for Christmas color.

Both paperwhites and amaryllis make beautiful holiday gifts. Start them indoors this month for blooming gifts in December!

31 Oct 2018

Holiday Open House Saturday Novemeber 10th 9-6

Our annual holiday open house is not to be missed. Come and be inspired by our latest festive displays, décor and abundant ornaments. Save 25% on holiday décor for one day only. Spin the wheel to win prizes throughout the day. The first 25 customers of the day receive a free gift (with purchase).

01 Oct 2018

20th Annual Fall Fest

Our 20th annual Fall Fest is Saturday, October 20th from 12-3.

The MD tradition of free family fun for our community continues for our 20th year! Celebrate the season with games, pumpkin painting, a photo booth, hayrides, face painting and a mini Farmer’s Market. Bakers can show off their skills in the Pumpkin Pie Bake-Off upstairs at Marigold Café. Pie judging is at 3:00.
To celebrate our 20th Fall Fest, we’ll have $20 one day only specials you won’t want to miss!

We’ll be accepting donations to support the Teton Valley Education Foundation at the pumpkin painting activity. Bring some cash and support this valuable community resource!

13 Dec 2017

Gifts in a Mug

Here’s the scenario. You’ve finished your Christmas shopping but wait! What about the bus driver, teacher, coach, hostess, co-worker and your neighbor? Start with a mug, then add to it for a personal touch. We have a huge selection of fun, fancy and practical mugs that make the base for a quick and welcome gift. Try these combos:
– Mug plus a $5 gift card from Marigold Café
– Mug plus fun socks tucked inside
– Mug plus fresh flowers
– Mug plus a mini tinned candle
– Mug plus a dish towel tucked inside or used as gift wrap
– Mug plus an ornament
– Mug plus an air plant
– Mug plus chocolates or candy from Marigold Cafe
– Mug plus mulling spices
You get the idea. There are endless variations on the theme.
As always, we offer free gift wrapping!

04 Dec 2017

Caring for Christmas Plants

It’s December and we have our annual assortment of seasonal plants ready to adorn your home. Most of these are best treated as temporary house guests, but a few simple care strategies can keep them at their best for seasonal show.

Begin by protecting newly purchased plants on the way home. Cover up the foliage and don’t leave them in a cold car. At home, take care not to overwater. Water is not love and plants will promptly perish if they’re kept soggy. Touch the soil and feel if the plant is dry before watering. Remove any decorative foil pot cover when watering to allow for proper drainage. Keep plants away from anything hot (wood stove), cold (opening doors) or anywhere drafty (heating vents).

Note: These practices are best not only for Christmas plants but for most indoor plants.

Norfolk Island Pine: These tropical conifers make great living Christmas trees. They prefer cool to average room temperature and high humidity. Mist leaves regularly and keep in bright to low light. Water sparingly in the winter. Following these tips, it’s possible to keep them thriving year round indoors.

Christmas Cactus: Unlike its spiny relatives this cactus needs high humidity, so regular misting is in order. Keep it at cool room temperature. A bright spot with a little direct sun is ideal. Water thoroughly when completely dry. This is another plant that can be a successful year round house plant.

Poinsettias: Keep poinsettias at normal room temperature away from cold draughts or heat sources. The branches break easily so take care when transporting. Keep them in a bright spot and water only when soil feels dry to the touch.

Mini Cypress: Who wouldn’t love a live mini Christmas tree? Keep them in bright light and evenly moist, but be careful not to let them sit in standing water.
Cyclamen: If you have a cold house, the cyclamen is for you. Warmer room temperatures cause the stems to droop and flowers to drop. When cyclamens are dry, set the pot in a saucer of water and allow it to drink up from the bottom. Remove spent flowers or yellowing leaves promptly.

Live Holly: Some direct sunlight is essential to keep the leaves looking their best. Water sparingly.

Wintergreen: Bright light and moist soil are important for this pretty and fragrant plant.

01 Feb 2017

Valentine’s Day at MD


“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”
Luther Burbank

The Flower Market is taking orders for Valentine’s Day. Delight your sweetheart with a gorgeous display of fresh flowers.  The Flower Market will have beautiful bouquets of lilies, tulips and gerber daisies ready to go for your convenience.  If you’re looking for something unique, call ahead and we will craft an arrangement perfect for your valentine. Our delivery service will be in full swing, so give us a call and we’ll deliver straight to your sweetie.
Call 208-354-8816 ext. 4020 to order today!
Our gift shop is stocked with luscious soaps & lotions, beautiful jewelry, cozy winter hats and scarves, sassy socks, funny magnets, kitchen accessories, blooming houseplants and as always, great cards for your sweetie.

Treats at Marigold Cafe:

Indulge your sweet tooth with one (or more!) of our house made treats at Marigold Cafe. We will be baking up our famous cupcakes and petite ‘sharing cakes’, boxed up and ready to go.