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09 Jul 2020

Custom Steel Fabrication

Adding unique and unexpected elements to a landscape adds character and personality to what would have been ordinary otherwise.

Unknown to many, MD Nursery & Landscaping has on its staff a steel work artisan. For years he has specialized in all types of decorative metal fabrication. Whether you’re looking for a custom gate, decorative exterior wall art, or a custom waterfall, our team at MD can create a magnificent visual addition to your home or business. Call for more information. (208) 354-8816.

09 Jul 2020


Here at MD Nursery & Landscaping, we have vast experience in installing trees in the challenging terrain and climate of eastern Idaho and Wyoming. Our highly trained staff will guide you in the proper selection of trees for your landscape to ensure a lifetime of beauty.

We also own and operate our own tree farms. With this the MD team knows that the trees we use in your landscape are acclimated to this area’s elevation and climate. Our tree farm offers a large selection of plant material from ornamental to deciduous & conifers.

We at MD Landscaping are capable of harvesting native trees through the use of our large spades. Whether you are looking to add large trees to your landscape or you need large trees removed, we have the crews and equipment to get the job done. We are able to spade up to 30 foot conifers and 10 inch caliper deciduous trees.

09 Jul 2020


Outdoor living comes to life. Adding a patio, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or pathway will extend your home’s living space so that you can enjoy your views, fresh air, and all the reasons you live where you do.

We have years of experience in creating outdoor living spaces throughout Jackson, Wyoming and eastern Idaho. Whether you are looking for meandering walkway through your landscape, a flagstone patio, or a rock wall to enhance the slope of your property, our team at MD can help you build an outdoor living space that will enhance and add value to your property.

09 Jul 2020

Flower Beds

Planting of perennial flower beds requires routine maintenance including deadheading, weeding, and fertilizing, all of which we handle with ease and great care.

The MD service team can handle any size landscape from 20-acre plus private estates to small home gardens. You can feel confident that your landscape will be properly maintained and flourish under MD’s care.

09 Jul 2020


Laying sod is one of the simplest, yet important, parts of what we do when it comes to landscaping. It’s the part of a project the people often notice first, and that’s why we care so much about it. For example, locally grown bluegrass sod is perfect for an instant lawn.

09 Jul 2020

Power Raking and Aeration

Come early spring our power raking machines will pull up dead grass, which prepares lawns for new growth.

Lawn aeration punches small holes into a lawn allowing for more oxygen and water penetration to the root zone. It helps you maintain a beautiful, green lawn every year. *Aeration is best done in the fall.

The MD service team can handle any size landscape from 20-acre plus private estates to small home gardens. You can feel confident that your landscape will be properly maintained and flourish under MD’s care.

23 Sep 2019

Fall Lawn Care

Even in cooler weather, lawn grasses are still growing, photosynthesizing and developing roots. A little extra love each fall helps your lawn to be healthy, lush and resilient.

-Continue to water your lawn to supplement natural rainfall.
-Mow your lawn slightly shorter than normal. Less top growth means less dead or moldy grass to rake up in the spring.
-A late application of fall lawn fertilizer will give your lawn a boost next spring with a quick green-up and faster new growth. Fall fertilizer has the addition of potassium for strong root development and overall health. Go organic this year with Espoma organic Fall Lawn Winterizer.

-Protect against voles: Commercial repellents such as Molemax(tm) should be spread as late in the fall as possible. These products make turf less palatable to pesky voles, helping to lessen damage overwinter.
-Reseed any thin spots, dog spots or damaged areas in your lawn. Be sure to either add a light layer of topsoil or fluff up the soil in these areas with a rake.
-Rake up any thick mats of leaves that smother your lawn. You can also mow over your leafy areas to shred up the leaves.