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27 Sep 2020


Outdoor living comes to life. Adding a patio, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or pathway will extend your home’s living space so that you can enjoy your views, fresh air, and all the reasons you live where you do.

We have years of experience in creating outdoor living spaces throughout Jackson, Wyoming and eastern Idaho. Whether you are looking for meandering walkway through your landscape, a flagstone patio, or a rock wall to enhance the slope of your property, our team at MD can help you build an outdoor living space that will enhance and add value to your property.

27 Sep 2020


Laying sod is one of the simplest, yet important, parts of what we do when it comes to landscaping. It’s the part of a project the people often notice first, and that’s why we care so much about it. For example, locally grown bluegrass sod is perfect for an instant lawn.

27 Sep 2020

Tree Moving

We’re capable of moving big trees through the use of our large spades. So whether you are looking to add large trees to your landscape or you need large trees removed, we have the crews and equipment to do the job right. We are able to spade up to 30 foot conifers and 1 inch caliper deciduous trees.