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09 Jul 2020

Tree & Shrub Care

It’s important for your trees and shrubs to be maintained each year. To do this we cut out any dead, diseased, or overgrown branches on your trees and shrubs. We offer a wide variety of ornamental, deciduous, and conifer trees and shrubs for any landscaping project as well. So whether you plant it or we do, you can rest assured that the tree and shrub selection you will find are healthy and zoned for the area. We fertilize yearly for healthy trees and shrubs. And deep root feeding delivers nutrients straight to the root zone, keeping the trees and shrubs in tip-top condition.

From simple pest control to heavy duty treatments, we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of. Preventative spray for pine weevil is done in the early spring, and other pesticide treatments are available for specific pests. All pesticides are applied by our certified professionals following standard protocols.

Protecting your valuable trees from big game damage will save money and frustration. We install seasonal fencing around high value trees to prevent damage.

The MD service team can handle any size landscape from 20-acre plus private estates to small home gardens. You can feel confident that your landscape will be properly maintained and flourish under MD’s care.

11 Mar 2019

Introducing Arbor Jet

There’s no question that mature trees are a valuable asset to any property. Trees provide shade, habitat for wildlife, screening, privacy and beauty. While many insects are harmless to trees, some insects like pine weevils can damage or even kill trees in any given growing season.
New this spring, our tree care crew will be using the Arbor Jet™ system to protect trees.
The Arbor Jet™ system is designed to deliver the needed product to defend against disease, harmful bacteria, and fungal infections while providing the necessary nutrients that trees need to promote health and longevity. The process starts by drilling small holes into the trunk of the tree. A quick jet device is inserted into each hole in the tree and the product is injected into the tree. The product is delivered through the tree’s vascular system and is transported from deep within the roots, to the tips of the leaves. When the quick jet is removed, the holes are sealed by a rubber plug and no insects or pathogens can enter. Some applications continue working in the tree for up to 2 years.
This process is most likely not for all trees in your property, but can protect those you value the most. This process is very effective, allowing for multiple applications in just one treatment. Arbor Jet™ is spray-free and waste-free since the product is delivered directly into the tree.
The MD tree care crew is proud to use this efficient and effective approach to protecting and improving the health of our trees.